À bord du “S.S. Avelona”

Posted by Stéphane-Jacques Addade | November 24, 2019 | Stéphane-Jacques Addade videos, Videos
Bernard Boutet de MonvelÀ bord du « S.S. Avelona (1929)

Director: Léonce Barbezieux (2016)

Text written and said by Stéphane-Jacques Addade
In 1929, the painter and illustrator Bernard Boutet de Monvel published in Harper’s Bazar an illustrative drawing whose “precisionist” modernity had been inspired by a recent trip with his wife and daughter aboard the SS Avelona.
In this short video, Stéphane-Jacques Addade studies the genesis of this drawing and places it back in the “precisionist” work of the artist who strove to render both photography and painting, drawing and engraving. , the cold and dehumanized modernity of the world around it, an industrial and urban world, that of the first “age of the machine” …