Posted by Anthony JP Meyer | June 14, 2023 | Selection of works - Meyer Gallery
19th centuryFiji Islands, Polynesia

Vesi wood (Intsia bijuga) with a fine oily patina of age and use.
39 x 33 x 4,30 cm

Additional Information: 
A tripod, lenticular, flat, priestly oil-dish or sedre ni waiwai used to hold the sanctified coconut oil taken and rubbed on the priest’s body prior to the ceremony of communing with the ancestors and performing rituals. The handle of geometric form with inner struts links to the rear feet of the dish on the underside with twin raised ridges. The outer rim of the dish is beautifully decorated with a strongly carved dentate motif.
Provenance : George Henry Bertram Bulmer (1902-1993) of “Little Breinton” house, Breinton, Hereford, UK, the director of Bulmer’s Cider Co. and son of Edward (Fred) Bulmer.
See similar examples drawn by Constance Gordon Cummings in the 1880’s.