Sérusier decor

Posted by Franck Accart | March 2, 2023 | Franck Accart news, News
Paul SérusierThe visitation of Mary

The Accart gallery is happy to share with you the discovery of a large vertical canvas by Paul Sérusier, La visitation de Marie (1.35 X 0.36 meter).

This is a preparatory work but not retained by the artist for the decoration of the Baptistry of the Church of Saint Julien in Châteauneuf-du-Faou, in the interior of Cornwall. The painting is painted with casein on a canvas without primer and left free, like a sort of Japanese kakemono. This canvas was later pinned, probably in Sérusier’s studio. We find here all the characteristics of the works of the School of Pont Aven, with the compartmentalized colors in a pure and synthetic design. This Visitation is reminiscent of the research of Maurice Denis, to whom we initially attributed the work. Mr. René le Bihan, historian emeritus and co-author of Paul Sérusier’s catalog raisonné, has documented our painting and given it all its meaning by integrating the decorations painted by Paul Sérusier, which have unfortunately been very damaged by time.