Round table – PSYCHOTROPES

Posted by Anthony JP Meyer | July 2, 2023 | Anthony Meyer news, News
Thursday July 6 at 7 p.m.Round Table at the Galerie Meyer

Organized as part of the current exhibition «Psychotropics – ritual and artistic interferences», this round table will be an opportunity to ask our speakers about psychotropics and their effects. The variety of their views will feed this discussion, between exchanges of personal stories, anthropological, historical and botanical theories.

David Dupuis, researcher at the French Institute of Health and Medical Research, will share his understanding of the dynamics of psychedelic experiences, through cultural, symbolic, interactive and discursive frameworks.

Pascal Lacombe, passionate observer of African and Amerindian animist societies and author of the «guide pour une approche de l’ayahuasca» (2021), will discuss the various effects caused by the consumption of certain psychotropic substances.

Kélit Raynaud, emerging video artist currently exhibiting at Galerie Meyer, will tell how he created the work commissioned for the exhibition «Psychotropes» and and discuss further interpretations in the world of contemporary art.

The conversations will be arbitrated by exhibition curator Mael Revaillot.

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