NEXT PUBLICATION: Bernard Boutet de Monvel. Memoirs

Posted by Stéphane-Jacques Addade | October 15, 2023 | News, Stéphane-Jacques Addade news

On November 3, 2023, “Bernard Boutet de Monvel” will be published by Éditions Séguier. Wars and festivals. Memoirs. Work prepared, prefaced and annotated by Stéphane-Jacques Addade. The work will present the artist’s aviator memories during the Great War, from August 1914 to June 1917, notably in Salonika within the G.B.O. (Oriental Bombing Group) and his memories of America, as the darling of the Café Society, from 1926 to his tragic death in October 1949 in the crash of the Azores

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