Le Chevalier de Gutemberg

Posted by Jean Izarn | December 1, 2019 | Jean Izarn news
Le Chevalier de Gutemberg Michel GUIRÉ VAKA

Acrylic ink on sketch paper laminated on cardboard, (1972-73), 25 x 30 cm, framed.

Michel GUIRÉ VAKA, “Sculptor of images”, (1936-2015), after a training at the Estienne School and the Applied Arts began his career as an illustrator in the 70s. His first professional steps, he combines them with the advertising illustration.

His many drawings for the French and American press, including The New York Times, have earned him international acclaim and numerous awards including the Silver Marker. His pedagogical flair flourishes in his youth publications with Bayard Presse, Hachette, Flammarion, Dargaud …, which completes his work as a painter started in the 90s. His work is listed in the collections and fonds of the Center Pompidou and from the Museum of Advertising.

This flamboyant work of cultural conquistador, having made the covers of the magazine Lire and Gutemberg Informations, represents a knight of modern times where helmet and shield are pen feathers and his spear is tricolor. He symbolized the Knight of Gutemberg in a special issue dedicated to Michel Guiré Vaka.