Matthias de Labretoigne

Matthias de Labretoigne

Specialty: equestrian arts

Coming from a family of art lovers and riders, he was initiated very young to the observation of horses, whether in the meadows, on the competition grounds but also reproduced on the works of art hung on the walls or placed on the chimneys of the family property.

Also, when in 2001, his father created the art expertise and brokerage company, ART SELECT, he took shares in the company without hesitation and participated in the adventure while at the same time leading a career as a ‘engineer. These years allowed him to learn the profession of expert, to acquire the necessary knowledge and to train his eye to the expectations of collectors.

Since 2015, Matthias de Labretoigne has been fully involved in the business of the company and has worked closely with his father. Over time, two areas of expertise have emerged: modern paintings from 1900 to 1960 and graphic or sculpted works on the theme of horses, hunting and more broadly the work of animal artists from the 19th and 20th centuries. Matthias de Labretoigne, in particular, initiated the development of new working relationships with auctioneers seeking to add these specialties to their study.

He also provided significant assistance in writing the Stud Book of horse painters (160 biographies of French artists between 1850 and 1950) published in 2019 by ART SELCT editions and since then has been working on the writing of a monograph , written with 4 hands, still with his father, on the life and work of the sculptor, Prince Paul Troubetzkoy (1866 – 1938). Book which will be available in bookstores during 2023. Research around this globetrotting artist (Troubetzkoy has worked in Italy, Russia, France and the United States) has enabled Matthias de Labretoigne to extend his network internationally and to establish links with other players in the art world in these different regions of the world.

Expertise field :
Expert in animal art. Sculptures and graphic art on the theme of horses, equestrian sports or hunting. He is also interested in the painters of the School of Paris.

Matthias de Labretoigne

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20 12 2023

Paul Troubetzkoy, roman d'une vie et d'une œuvre