Marion Oliviero

Marion Oliviero 

Specialties: Arts of Japan, Arts of Vietnam, Arts of China

After her undergraduate studies at the Ecole du Louvre specializing in the Far East, Marion Oliviero turned to Archaeology, her first passion. Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Art History and Archeology at the Sorbonne, she pursued a Master’s degree in Chinese archeology which she obtained in 2014. In 2016, she enriched her career with an MBA in Art Market Management .

She participates in archaeological excavations, in France, but also in southern Siberia (in collaboration with the Russian Geographical Society) and in China, very close to Xi’an (in partnership with the University of California, Los Angeles – UCLA).

Since 2015, she has collaborated with Pierre Ansas and Anne Papillon d’Alton. His various missions within the expertise firm allow him to quickly acquire skills in the field of the Arts of China, Japan, Vietnam, but also on all the Arts of the Asian continent.

On the strength of this diversity, it assists auctioneers in France and abroad in the preparation of sales catalogs, guides professionals, and advises individuals to put their objects up for sale.

It also exchanges with the Cites services, in order to ensure the legality of sales concerning materials from protected species, and with the cultural property services of the Ministry of Culture, for passports allowing the works sold to leave the territory.

Marion Oliviero

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