Helen Szaday von Gizycki

Helen Szaday von Gizycki

Specialties: modern and contemporary Asian paintings

Helen Szaday, independent expert for Asian paintings of the twentieth century.

From childhood I was fascinated by Asia. I left my native Australia to live in Japan and travel to China to learn the language and culture of these countries.

I started my artistic career at Sotheby’s in New York. Then I was transferred to Sotheby’s Tokyo to develop the market of Asian paintings of the twentieth century in Japan. I then joined their office in Paris where I took care of initiating the expertise in liaison with their offices in Tokyo, Taipei and Singapore.

On this occasion I discovered the work of the painter Toshio Bando (1895-1973) to which I will devote a monograph. I widened my interest to other Japanese and Chinese artists who worked in Paris in the 20th century. I collaborated with Mrs. Rita Wong of the Li Ching Foundation to write the reasoned catalogs devoted to the artists Sanyu (1901-66) and Pan Yulin (1895-1977).

In 2003, I joined the European Chamber of Art Experts, sponsored by Jean-Claude Moreau-Gobard, one of Asia’s leading art experts.

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Helen Szaday von Gizycki





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