Guy de Labretoigne

Guy de Labretoigne

Specialty: equestrian arts

He was barely five years old when his grandfather, a distinguished horseman, collector of paintings and friend of artists, took him from exhibitions to openings and from racetracks to jumping grounds. This benevolent affection would determine his life and his passions: it would be art and the horse.
After a career with horses, as a cavalry officer in the Military Equestrian Sports (he was its chief for five years from 1996 to 2001), Guy de Labretoigne joined the world of art, which he had already approached in her youth. In many respects, these two worlds coexist and resemble each other.
His two poles of attraction will become one when he specializes in art and the horse by declining this theme through: books, engravings, drawings, paintings, bronzes, harnessing material and collectibles related to his favorite animal.
In this spirit he will work with several auctioneers and will launch in 2003 in Saumur with Xavier de La Perraudiére the first sales around the theme of the horse.

Books :
In 2012, he published the Catalog Raisonné of the animal sculptor Gaston d’Illiers (1876-1932).

In 2014, he published another book on equestrian sculptures from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the title of which recalls his riding origins: “To our horses and those who sculpt them”. The edition, limited to six hundred copies, of this book is
sold out today.

In 2019, under the title “Stud-Book of horse painters”, he published a third book presenting the biography of 160 artists who have made the horse one of their favorite themes.

He is currently working with his son Matthias on the sculptor Paul Troubetzkoy, a book of which will be released in 2023 under the title: “Paul Troubetzkoy, the novel of a life and a work. »

Expert in animal art, he produces inventories, gives estimates, authenticates works, buys and sells any art object concerning the horse.
And when he’s not doing that…he’s riding a horse.

Guy de Labretoigne

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20 12 2023

Paul Troubetzkoy, roman d'une vie et d'une œuvre