Caroline Haardt de La Baume

Caroline Haardt de La Baume

Specialties: Alexander Iacovleff (Saint Petersburg, 1887- Paris, 1938),
drawings and paintings of the twentieth century

European specialist of the work of Alexander Iacovleff, with the agreement of the rightful of the artist, since 1998.

Former member of the Division of Cultural Heritage of Unesco and graduate in History and Comparative Literature (University of Paris Sorbonne IV), Caroline Haardt de La Baume, becomes European specialist of the work of Alexander Iacovleff, with the agreement of the trustee of the artist in 1998.

Granddaughter of Georges-Marie Haardt (leader of the Black and Yellow Cruises and great friend of the painter), she grew up in the memories of these Citroen expeditions and the works of Alexander Iacovleff. Speaking and singing Russian in order to read the correspondence and notebooks of Alexander Iacovleff (who was very fond of music) from 1918 to 1938, she endeavored, through various events and publications in Europe and Russia, to highlight this great artist.

In 2000, she published Flammarion Alexandre Iacovleff, the traveling artist, the first monograph to be dedicated to him, and collaborated on the retrospective “Alexandre Iacovleff, Itinérances”, from April to August 2004, at the Museum of the Thirties, in Boulogne -Billancourt. 2004 is also the year of China in France, and in the auditorium of the Louvre, she gives a lecture on the painter of the Yellow Cruise and presents the film of the expedition directed by André Sauvage, accompanied by a performance of the Chinese group of electronic music FM3.

Under the direction of Jean Pierre de Rycke, she participated in the exhibition “Africa dreamed”, from December 2010 to March 2011, at the Museum of Fine Arts in Tournai, Belgium. In this palace-museum built by the architect Victor Horta, in 1928, in the unusual form of a turtle, she devotes an entire room (in one of the legs!) To the Black Cruise (drawings, paintings, objects and even the ‘autochenille the Golden Scarab of Georges-Marie Haardt, …)

The same year, she was invited by the Nabokov Museum, in St. Petersburg, to the international symposium on “The illustrative painters of Russia outside borders and children’s literature”. Based on an idea by Benoit Decron (now director of the Soulages museum in Rhodez) and the patron Xavier Guénant, she is organizing an exhibition “Alexandre Iacovleff, Les Croisières Citroën”, from December 2012 to March 2013, at the Musée de l’Abbaye. Holy Cross, in Les Sables d’Olonne.

Joining the European Chamber of Art Experts in 2006, she prepares the catalog raisonné of Alexandre Iacovleff’s painted and drawn work. Requested by auction houses, museums and international collectors, she carries out numerous expertises on her drawings, her paintings and her works. Twice a year, she follows the week of Russian art in London and, especially for Sotheby’s London, has appraised many significant works of Alexander Iacovleff.

Caroline Haardt de La Baume

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