Robert Peirce-Macnie

Robert Peirce-Macnie

Specialties: paintings of the twentieth century, paintings of the late nineteenth century, Emmanuel de la Villéon

Peirce Gallery opened its doors on June 6, 2006 and for ten years led a dynamic policy of exhibitions and exhibitions at the Gallery, which allowed to build a network of collectors who trust him.

Since 2016, Robert Peirce-Macnie, focuses on the expertise of the works of the late nineteenth and twentieth century and extensive work on Emmanuel de la Villéon (1858-1944), post-impressionist artist of high quality deserves to to be better known.

Of South African origin, in France since 1972 and French since 1979, Robert Peirce-Macnie contributed to this activity the results of a long career of senior management positions in major French groups. His passion for art, his professionalism, his rigorous management and his sense of humor all British allowed him to build a particular and respected position among Paris gallery owners and experts.

Peirce Gallery has been muted as such since 2017, and Robert Peirce-Macnie is now pursuing an expertise, curatorial and writer activity.

After presenting impressive collections of works by Maximilien Luce and Emmanuel de la Villéon, Robert Peirce-Macnie concentrated more and more on Emmanuel de la Villéon (1858-1944), an artist of whom he is particularly well acquainted. ‘artwork.

Indeed, friend of the family of the descendants of the artist, he collaborates with them since 2007 as well as with the Villéon Museum of Fougères, in Brittany. At the Peirce Gallery he has presented no less than six retrospective exhibitions, each time with about 80 works.

This activity has gradually turned into a major research and documentation project, always in contact with the Museum and with the artist’s family, resulting in:

the establishment of a database containing all the known works (about 4200, including 3300 with photos and 1800 with color photos), as well as sketchbooks, photos, clippings exhibitions etc. A powerful analysis and research tool,
the official launch of a Revised Reasoned Catalog, in collaboration with the artist’s great-granddaughter, in order to correct the errors contained in the existing CR, established in the 1980s, and to add precisions and / or or unknown works when writing the initial CR,
the organization, with the Musée de Fougères, of a Colloquium (in Fougères) in 2014 – a day dedicated to the artist, his life, his works and his techniques, mobilizing four speakers around five documented presentations. The reiteration of this Colloquium in the form of a Seminar, in a marquee in front of the Gallery in September 2014, made it possible to share it with Parisians,
highlighting the artist’s writings, (22 stories for children found in a family member) by their transcription, followed by the publication and publication in 2014 of a collection of the most interesting,
the publication of a new booklet on the life and work of the artist (in 2015),
Regular intervention with the SVV during the sale of works of the Villéon.

Robert Peirce-Macnie

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