Marc Boutemy

BOUTEMYfounded in 1935

Specialties: Fine pearls, signed jewelry, artists’ jewelery, 18th century French goldsmith’s work and religious goldsmith’s work.

Marc Boutemy, expert for 35 years, third generation jewelery experts, auctioneer’s grandson.

We are looking for objects and stones for collectors, museums, families and the largest French and foreign homes.

Our goals: to help our customers get the best net seller price. Our principles: adapt the method to the object, the circumstances and the market.

Working mainly on request we will propose:

1st solution
The amicable transaction: The deposit for presentation to our French and International customers, direct payment between individuals. Using the current communication methods, we get the best deals we offer our sellers.

2nd solution
The auction: We choose the study, in Paris or in the province according to the demand and the market.

3rd solution
Immediate purchase at the best prices.

Marc Boutemy

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1 rue Rossini – 75009 Paris