Anne Tourlonias

Anne Tourlonias

Specialties: modern fabrics, specialist of the industrial work of the painter Raoul Dufy (catalogue raisonné)

member of the CEEA since its creation by Annette Vinchon-Guyonnet
expert CVV 2002 041


Ed. Paris-Museums 1995, The dresses, p 54 to 63 ,.
Take in drawing / Take a picture
Pattern drawing / Fabric drawing
The poem dresses
Fashion sketches
National Museums Meeting 1999, The Tissue Composer, p 182-195.
Study of the archives of a silk house
Traceability of the painter’s textile work
Enter the image in the woven material
The manufacturing procedures that characterize the style

Ed.Somogy 2003, The practice of xylography, p 38 to 43.
From illustration to ornamentation
From text to texture
The contexture
The context
From fabric to canvas
The ornamental poem

Ed.Barthélemy 1998, Raoul Dufy the silk work, 157 pages

The textile newspaper, Laurence Martin, March 2, 1998
“The central chapter of the book analyzes how Raoul Dufy developed on textiles
the ornamental grammar elaborated from his woodcuts for illustration, around the myth of Orpheus, the Bestiary of Apollinaire. ”

The Republic of Seine-et-Marne, Bernard Nicod, March 30, 1998.
“The artistic itinerary of Raoul Dufy, who did not hesitate, was traced
of belonging to the group of big cats and then of cubists, to enter
in a world often neglected, considered minor by some, but which allows to show a great innovation: the decorative art. ”

South side, Muriel Gauthier, April 1998.
“This book with poetic title brings together a considerable amount of information, as well as a sumptuous iconography. ”

Progress, Jocelyne Vidal-Blanchard, April 4, 1998.
“Raoul Dufy invests in textile design to the point of not declaring himself a painter, but a printer on fabric in the contract of his marriage in 1911, with a milliner from Nice. ”

All Lyon, Denis Tardy, April 28, 1998
“Recognized by women before the criticism consecrated, Raoul Dufy was able to renew the seduction and transform the appearances of his time. ”

The doctor’s daily, André Masse-Stamberger, May 19, 1998.
“His journey traced with humor, leads the artisanal printing, when he creates the Small Factory with Paul Poiret, to work more massively technician, when he enters the service of industrial Bianchini. ”
Men and Plants, Joëlle Hocquard, spring 1998.
“The iconography of this book is sumptuous, supporting a text, which has nothing
frivolity that one could lend to fashion. ”

Progress, January 3, 1999.
“The fifth edition of the Fashion Book Grand Prix has selected four books, including Raoul Dufy, the silk work, by Anne Tourlonias and Jack Vidal, Ed.Alain Barthélemy. ”

Elle N ° 2786, May 24, 1999, François Baudot.
“Dufy silk itself. The meeting of his talent with the world of fabrics has generated a wonderful adventure that has radiated throughout the interwar period. It is this that tells, in poetic images
and cheerful, a remarkable little book, a real eulogy of everyday beauty. ”

Anne Tourlonias

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