In 2001, some art experts aware of the growing importance and originality of their profession founded the European Chamber of Art Experts; in order to ensure the quality, the cohesion, the deontology of their activity, the reliability of the working methods.

The House Experts proudly and with integrity commit their responsibilities independently in the expertise of works of art.

The Chamber includes experts approved by the Court of Cassation, registered with a court of appeal, an administrative tribunal, and / or assessors appointed to the Customs or Domains Administration*.

* The experts approved by the Court of Cassation, the experts before a court of appeal and / or an administrative tribunal, or assessors of the Conciliation and Customs Expert Commission, can not state these qualities on the occasion of amicable appraisals, unless the latter are ordered by a judicial authority.

The Chamber also counts in its ranks experienced restorers specialized in several fields (sculpture, painting, fire arts, metal). The restorers represent an essential complement for the expertise and the development of the objects of art.

The Chamber represented by its experts and art conservators offers, in France and abroad, its services to heirs, legatees or bequeathers of art objects, collectors and amateurs, justice, museums, public or private administrations, to the ministerial officers, for any advice, any expertise, any transaction and of course, by far the most spectacular activity, any participation in public auctions, whether solicited by the auctioneers or by sellers.

The considerable catalogs of public sales compiled by the French experts, catalogs which are not only descriptive and illustrative, but also reasoned and critical, and of which many have, until recent years, been the only reference works in innumerable fields, are there to mark the primordial place of the experts.

The expert, proud to have always been committed to his opinions, and to be responsible for it, aware of the considerable weight of his positions with French professionals and amateurs, of his influence abroad and especially in Europe, where he is already a significant contributor, will make his voice heard in the interest of all.


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Posted by Jean Izarn | 01 12 2019
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